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About Me & Pilates

About Me

Ruth Reid APPI
Clinical Pilates Teacher

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Learning the Pilates method truly complemented my background as a sports and massage therapist. Having worked in the health and fitness industry alongside differing healthcare professionals i now teach physio based, Clinical Matwork and Pilates Apparatus, specialising in Neurological and Older Adult exercise.
Passionate about Pilates being both a mind and body combined exercise methodology, i truly believe that it can be for everyone!

My past experience includes working in a Pilates equipment studio and multi-disciplinary clinic work alongside chiropractors, musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapists.
I have visited Joseph Pilates birthplace, Monchengladbach in Germany and, have had the honour of meeting some of the remaining Pilates elders in person on various occasions at conferences and training events; Mary Bowen, Kathy Grant, Alan Herman, Elizabeth Larkham and Kathy Grant.

Apart from having helped many people throughout my career, some highlights have been; the opportunity to teach Pilates in the Middle East, working with two international Paralympic teams at the London 2012 Olympics and also supporting and working with the MS Society locally and nationally to promote Pilates exercise awareness.

My teaching and approach is taken from my clinical, physio based Pilates training and experience so is therefore more specific and corrective in achieving personal requirements and outcomes.

I am continually updating my professional development within the industry, fully insured and have local affiliations with other healthcare professionals all of which is the aim to provide you with a unique and personalised service.

About Pilates

About  Me & Pilates. about me pilates image

Pilates is a mind body technique which teaches and emphasises all movement to commence from your centre core stability. It utilises the body’s own strength, muscle flexibility, co-ordination and by creating a focused mind and body awareness throughout the exercises.
All the exercises have been developed and originate from Joseph Pilates exercise method known as 'Contrology'.

A programme of exercises can be tailored specifically to an individual's requirements. Emphasis is on the quality of the movement and not the number of repetitions.
As a regular exercise it can have many benefits that include; alleviation of aches and pains particularly non-specific low back pain, an improved posture awareness, improved muscle tone and strength, strengthening of the pelvic floor and endurance muscles within the core, improved balance, both joint mobility and stability, supporting and enhancing the immune system, helping the digestive system, increased bone density, helping menopausal symptoms, relaxation and also great benefit for respiratory assistance with much focus around using the breath.

Pilates really does have something to offer and can benefit everyone of all ages, levels of ability and fitness, from beginners to elite athletes.

Many healthcare professionals recommend Pilates exercise. Before starting any exercise programme it is advisable to seek advice from your GP or healthcare professional and especially if you have any health concerns or injuries.

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