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Do you have a poor posture, general body aches and pains, have a weak pelvic floor and core strength, menopausal symptoms or suffer with non-specific low back pain ?...

Regular Pilates exercise can help address your bodies imbalances in so many different ways but especially by alleviating current tension, managing existing problems and also in being preventative long term to any further issues developing.
It teaches you, body awareness, creates length and space through the spine, releases joints, specifically targets different muscle groups therefore developing and building general overall body and core strength.

*A series of 'one to one' sessions are particularly beneficial if you have had no prior experience of Pilates. These will teach you all the basics and can also be practiced at home regularly to gain confidence prior to starting classes.

*A series of personal 'one to one' sessions are truly beneficial taken out of a class environment if you have any particular issues or you would like to deepen your practice further.
The sessions will give you more body awareness, locate imbalances and teach you prescriptive exercises so that you are able to improve them.


Other Pilates Services. services-older

We are an increasing ageing population and regular exercise has a great many benefits. It can help our general health, mental well being and also reduce the risk of many diseases.
Regular physical exercise benefits further include: falls prevention, improved muscle strength, improved bone health, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, improves and maintains mental health and cognitive decline, boosts mood, self-confidence and provides social, group activity with others therefore enjoying a healthier, more active lifestyle for a longer period of time. Exercise also has few side effects and can be both inexpensive and enjoyable!

Recent long-term studies of aging show that people who are more active have less risk of chronic disease, disability or depression, and are more likely to keep up their activities of independent daily living. Evidence suggests that exercise may help people with dementia improve their activities of daily living helping to maintain their independence as long as possible for example bathing, dressing, and eating. This is a particularly interesting and important finding since people with cognitive impairment often find it more difficult to perform activities of daily living.

We should therefore all be encouraged to become fit and active. Embracing physical activity will certainly help us to live fuller, more independent lives long into our senior years!

My weekly Older Adult Classes are very popular and attendees really enjoy their exercise and the coming together socially to practice. The classes are fun and there is the option to challenge yourself according to personal ability.


Other Pilates Services. ONLINE

An online monthly subscription service via Vimeo is available to MATWORK, OLDER ADULT and CHAIR BASED CLASS RECORDINGS.
This service is available to all new, existing and previously trained clients.
Please contact for more information.

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